Sage X3 the modern ERP solution for your Chemical Manufacturing company

In today’s complex operating environment, successful management of your chemical company can be enhanced by simplifying processes, responding faster to changing market conditions and improving inventory control. Inventory management has always been important, but now more than ever it’s critical.

The three steps you need to take for a better approach to managing your inventory are:

  • Planning for True Demand – with insight across your entire enterprise
  • Optimizing your Inventory – with better insight to that demand
  • Confirming your Success – with effective and comprehensive reporting

It’s easier to forecast demand, optimize inventory, and smooth out the way you work when you have modern business management software designed for your kind of business, Sage X3 is the modern answer.

  • Intuitive and easy to useSage X3 module, Inventory Advisor, optimizes your inventory system by automating processes
  • Quality forecasts and planning – keep you up to date on the latest activity
  • Smart reporting available anytime and anywhere – and output into a variety of formats including Microsoft, HTML or PDF files

Start managing your inventory for the way chemical businesses work now, start by taking the Sage X3 tour