Safety is at the heart of every food and beverage manufacturer

It’s vital to be able to trace products along a complex supply chain, you need expert advice to help you protect your brand and your bottom line.  Innovation ERP knows the consequences of a product recall are costly, not just on a business’ profitability but on its reputation too.  Building a solid traceability strategy, therefore is a key priority for all food and beverage businesses.

For example, in a recent article by Robert E. Brackett Ph.D. in Food and Safety News, the author reviewed how panel and participants at the Food and Safety Forum, discussed policies and best practices on how to deal with Listeria monocytogenes (Lm).  One of the discussions was in regard to “aggressively looking for Lm in the food production area and would lead to fewer cases of listeriosis”.  In a similar recall situation, would your company be prepared and equipped to track raw materials through finished product?

Companies utilizing Sage X3 can apply solid traceability practices from raw materials to finished goods, as well as throughout the manufacturing process, leading to a number of benefits such as greater process efficiencies, improved decision making through increased visibility of your entire operations, as well as smarter logistics management and supply and demand planning and forecasting.

To find out how to take advantage of these great benefits, Download the Guide on building a robust traceability strategy.  A must-read, packed with expert advice on how to optimize your processes, achieve cost efficiencies and stay compliant.