The Secret Ingredient to Effective Traceability and Efficiency: Sage X3!

The Food and Beverage industry is held to the highest standards when it comes to food safety. Effective traceability tools are vital in locating any product at any stage of the food chain and keeping consumers safe.

Sage X3 is a modern ERP designed for the F&B industry, the secret ingredient to keep you in compliance, while also optimizing your processes.  Here are just a few of the ways that Sage X3 will help you with traceability and optimization, keeping you competitive.

Recipe Management
Robust traceability and allergen tracking enhances food safety for consumers. With Sage X3, you’ll know where your ingredients come from and see a detailed history of their navigation throughout the manufacturing process.

Production Management
Gain continuous command of your production processes with real-time availability of ingredients and resources. This insight lets you plan production to minimize downtime and improve efficiency. Additionally, with Sage X3 you’ll be able to:
*Schedule production runs by the hour, shift, or any other time that fits the production cycle
*Ensure standard ingredients quantities are back-flushed or recorded as complete
*Update work orders during production, with required changes reported as they happen

Quality Control
Track and maintain quality specifications and test results for raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods at any stage of their lifecycle. Sage X3 tracks and records all test results and maintains them together with production history.
Conduct inspections throughout packaging and production, with the power to automatically isolate suspicious or substandard items and earmark them for further inspection or disposal.

Order Management
No sneaky surprises here! Sage X3’s real-time inventory reporting gives you a comprehensive view of product lots, whether that’s in your warehouse or in transit. Track your stock as it moves and get fast seamless tracebacks in the event of a food recall.
Sage X3 gives you full visibility on the impact any changes might have on your supply chain, from labor and materials to machines, subcontractors, and overheads.

Recall Management
Sage X3 will leave you fully equipped to manage any recall situation rapidly in minutes – not hours or days.

What’s Next?
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