Giving Your Customers Instant Access to Essential Information is a Win for your customer and a Win for you!

With an integrated eCommerce Customer Portal for your Sage ERP, your customers can have online access to accurate order information and account management anytime, anywhere, just like those big online retailers.

A Win for your customers

Self-Service portals give customers basic information anytime they want it!
With CommerceBuild’s certified Sage X3 or Sage 300 eCommerce online customer portal, your customer can get immediate access to order and invoicing questions 24/7 rather than having to wait for your staff to be in the office.  You can offer your customers a consolidated real-time view of all their orders across all sales channels. 

Easy Access and Repeat Order capabilities

You can also include clickable links to shipping information, so customers can track their shipment and know when to expect their delivery.

Clickable links are a great addition to a Sage customer portal solution, and not just for shipping information.  Think of the possibilities, like a link to an FAQ or Return Policies page, or a link to an online customer chat tool.

Out of the box CommerceBuild’s customer portal gives your customers a historical record of their previous orders, so weeks or years down the line if a customer wants to place an order for a product they have ordered before, they can search for the product and easily replicate an order!

A Win for you

Giving your customers access to essential information with just a simple click, not only saves them time, it also saves your CSR/Sales Team time, allowing them to focus on more in-depth questions and additional opportunities to assist your customers with sales.

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