Your business environment changes every day. We can help.

Effective management of your distribution business depends on robust information technology that can adapt as quickly as your environment changes.  Do you have accurate, real time visibility of your entire inventory across the enterprise? Can customer satisfaction be improved? Is your competition delivering goods quicker and more efficiently? Is low inventory turnover costing you money?  All of these factors affect your business growth and profits, you need a fast, intuitive and customizable business management system, to keep pace with change, you need Sage X3.

Innovation ERP has helped a great number of distribution companies use the technology of Sage X3 to optimize operations, automate processes and reduce costs to survive and thrive in a dynamic business environment. Allow us to share that expertise and knowledge of industry best practices to benefit your business.

Your distribution challenges are unique. We’ve got robust, customizable solutions.

Innovation ERP  has 20+ years experience working with distributors, providing clients exactly what they need to improve finance and accounting, budgeting, inventory, and other mission critical operations. We’ve got the technology solutions that enable distributors to compete effectively in today’s business climate.

Innovation ERP provides Sage X3 distribution management that helps your business:

  • Increase efficiency – Prompt order processing is easier with automated price calculations.
  • Fine-tuning of operations – Greatly improve picking and shipping for fast turnaround.
  • Increase visibility – Business intelligence across the enterprise provides insight into processes that work and those that should be optimized.
  • Improve decision making –Identify trends in purchasing behavior with advanced forecasting so you’ll always have the right inventory in stock.
  • Streamline inventory management – Track stock levels with wireless warehouse barcoding to help ensure you avoid dead stock and inventory remains current
  • Resolve customer service issues quickly – With a fully integrated CRM, you can track, respond and resolve customer issues in a timely fashion.

With help from Innovation ERP, distributors can improve inventory management, reduce processing errors, forecast effectively, exceed customer expectations and improve business overall, delivered on time and on budget.

Flexible architecture designed to fit your business

Enable access the way you prefer with Sage X3  – either in rich web client mode with a browser interface or in client/server mode with a Windows interface, and support for all your mobile devices is taken care of with a responsive interface.  Implement it company-wide or incrementally to support specific business processes or phases.  Ready to get started?  Contact Us today!