When business slows, will your doors stay open?

It’s hard to sell something that is difficult to quantify and the current market doesn’t make it any easier. Work isn’t always steady in the professional services industry and if your business is bogged down by operational inefficiencies you can jeopardize your profitability. Don’t let your firm suffer from an uneven workload and strained cash flow. Let Innovation ERP provide technology solutions to reduce your administrative burden and increase productivity to grow your business.

Alleviate concerns with the help of professional services software

Innovation ERP knows that taking on an enterprise technology project isn’t simple. Our team is invested in the success of your professional services organization and we work with you to address your most pressing challenges. By finding the right solution that’s best fitted to resolving your operational concerns, your business will realize better efficiency across the entire organization.

Innovation ERP delivers professional services software that:

  • Improves customer relations – Centralized data that’s accessible from a web-based application allows for smooth interactions with clients and prospects.
  • Streamlines communications – Easily share progress on tasks so information doesn’t get lost or deadlines missed.
  • Mitigates security concerns – Comprehensive security features guarantee that client details will stay protected.
  • Creates reliable estimates – Take into account full project scope and provide accurate quotes.
  • Effectively allocates resources – Manage people and equipment to complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Reduces financial strain – Payments are made only when deliverables are received.
  • Enhances time tracking – Simplify time and expense entry.
  • Optimizes job costing – Improve management of time sheets, expenses and project accounting.

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