Onsite & Remote Support

We’re here to support you

Your new software implementation is complete; you’ve put time into training your staff, new procedures are in place, and systems are working smoothly. Now, what if something goes wrong? If some key functionality stops working or a module crucial to your business operations isn’t performing, do you have a plan in place to mitigate disaster? When systems go down pressure is high – don’t fail to consider your support plans and recovery processes in advance.

Dedicated Technical Support – Online, on-site, and by phone

Innovation ERP is here to support you.  Your success is our goal, and we are invested in providing you with the ongoing ERP and CRM support that you need to excel. Our representatives are available by phone, online, or onsite to help you work through any technical or application issues you may encounter. 

Our extended support hours allow you to reach us online or by phone, and we have available consultants who can meet you onsite when needed. We have a vast array of resources available to our client community including detailed technical documentation, downloadable resources, online forums, and an active community of users who are going through the same business transformations you are experiencing.