Innovation ERP understands the needs of the insurance industry

The insurance industry has specific needs that set it apart from other markets. Insurers have unique risk management requirements.  They face increasingly complex regulatory challenges, need to manage a diverse distribution chain, and face a rising demand from customers for competitive new products. 

Innovation ERP understands the unique needs of the insurance industry and has extensive experience designing and implementing business management solutions for this market.

Purpose-built Solutions

Innovation ERP builds solutions for the insurance industry which include Sage ERP, optical character recognition and document management capabilities which allow you to consolidate data from your operational back office systems –  claims management, policy management and application management. They also provide your employees, agents and customer service representatives with a top-down view of customer portfolios. With this level of information at the ready, insurance businesses can deliver better service, discover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and execute targeted marketing campaigns through key attribute profiling.

Sage ERP, in tandem with Sage CRM provide the following key features custom-built for your insurance business:

  • A complete suite of modules that enable insurance companies to manage and integrate all customer communications through all methods of communication in one consolidated view.
  • Support for all sales channels including brokers, agents, call centers, and direct employees.
  • Claims Management that integrates with external claims/billing systems.
  • Quote Management and Policy Management tracking with automated workflows.
  • Complete document management and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities for storing all documents such as insurance certificates and ID certificates.
  • Improved Risk Assessment by managing and accessing live data from all business units.
  • A self-service web-based platform to better manage relationships with insurance brokers, agents, and customers.
  • Integrated billing systems that automate the billing process and make matching payments easier.

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